TDM: Conventional telephony, coexistence of proprietary and analog digital terminals in the same communications system.
  • IP Telephony: Able to integrate their services in the same homogeneous network, which means savings in the installation and maintenance of their cabling. It also provides remote connectivity through connections with other sites and roaming users.
  • SIP: SIP is a protocol that provides great scalability, modularity and very apt to become the immediate future of IP telephony. SIP offers great interoperability between manufacturers.
  • Value-added services:

    Use your PC as a phone, no matter where you are.

    Manage your system as administrator, you can configure all the parameters of your communication system.

    Integrate telephony, mail, fax services, messaging, network services and many more.

    Schedule your video and / or audio conferences.

  • Ask us what else your communications system could do for your company.


    Routers & Switches: Find an optimal solution for the needs of your network, we have the best selection of manufacturers and products to find the most suitable product for you.


  • image
    Firewalls: Secure your network through a custom firewall, both hardware and software, your network can be protected with our firewall systems.
    Voice & videocollaboration: Autonomous systems oriented to remote locations where we want video and / or voice services.
    Wireless networks: No matter what service you want to provide, Nuvolink conducts a coverage study in your facilities to evaluate your conditions and offer you the best system available. Hybrid systems, with indoor and outdoor coverage, as well as point-to-point and / or point-to-multipoint connections.

    We execute coverage studies according to the special needs of our clients, analyzing both the structural conditions of the dependencies, as well as the interferences of the site. Using Ekahau software we implement an evaluation of all the susceptible aspects of the site in order to guarantee the best possible signal everywhere.

    We also execute the deployment of AP’s and network infraestructure, providing a complete solution for our clients.

Security and control

Secure your company and its facilities thanks to the surveillance and control systems that we offer. Benefits that go beyond simple video recording. image Scalable systems depending on your needs, ranging from recording to presence detection, access control, alarm control and other types of integration. We adapt to your current installation if possible by improving it through analog, digital, IP or hybrid systems. Our offer is made by the best manufacturers in the sector to provide total peace of mind to our customers, both with the product and with the support obtained.


Interact with different parts of your home and / or business and adapt it at any time to your needs through home automation systems. Nuvolink will evaluate all those variables in your dependencies that are susceptible of being automated or well regulated according to some preferences or patterns. Find an adaptable, scalable and integrable product with different systems that help to control essential elements such as lighting, air conditioning, mechanisms, process control, access control, medical alert, gas alarm, flood alarm, etc. The necessary visualization and management can be carried out from anywhere in the world through your Internet connection.


If you wish, Nuvolink adopts the role of your company towards your clients, absorbing all the management of its technological systems and presenting itself as a true integrating company.
imageWhen you have a problem just contact us, so we facilitate communication between you and each of the services you have. Any system will be subject to study and evaluation with the aim of being integrated, allowing the coexistence of systems without depreciating the maintenance and after sales service.

clean energy

As it can not be otherwise, Nuvolink feels committed to the Environment and promotes the use of renewable energies as an added value to its facilities. Renewable energy represents an increase in the energy efficiency of its facilities as well as the profitability of its consumption. Nuvolink will recommend which systems you can adapt and what benefits you will get, looking for the best possible balance to meet your energy requirements.



The digital signage is presented as an element of great visual impact capturing the attention of your potential customers.

It is also a multimedia platform that supports many formats and extends locally on screens or panels and in a distributed way through IP streaming.

hotel /hospital

If your area is the hotelier or dedicated to health, we have personalized proposals focused especially on these activities.

We are aware of your special needs and we propose systems that comply with them as well as offering comprehensive maintenance 24 hours.


Nuvolink is responsible for supporting your communication systems through the necessary structured cabling. Fulfilling the necessary requirements of your systems, we will find the wiring that best suits the required features, adapting to the final hardware.


image We make traditional telephony wiring, either digital or analog, alarm systems, bells, etc. We also offer UTP cabling for computer and fiber optic networks.

Some of our services include the reorganization of computer cabinets, remediation of obsolete systems, assembly of computer cabinets and integral conditioning of the communications room.

We know what these tasks entail for your professional activity and for this reason we commit ourselves to the least possible impact for your company.

IT solutions

If your company needs a computer product or an IT solution, we offer a wide range that suits you.

We will make an assessment of your systems and what priority actions you should take to ensure their proper functioning.

We also propose maintenance plans adapted to your infrastructure.

We can develop your website, we care about your needs both in the design and in its content, providing the latest tools such as: online store, booking service, download areas, forum, etc.


Nuvolink offers products and solutions focused on individuals, new entrepreneurs and small businesses based on free code, thus minimizing the initial investment costs.

Our wide range of computer equipment, from the most renowned manufacturers, guarantee the highest reliability and performance.

We give solutions to the following scenarios:

  • Virtualization using VMware and Xen Citrix.
  • Cloud environment, we migrate your services to the cloud.
  • Management of accommodations, domains, hosting, DNS, mail.
  • High availability and redundancy.


    We work closely with the Google Apps environment offering solutions based on this clouding platform and providing services, tools, functions and data, at all times and in a diversified manner.

    We can make customized software according to the processes carried out in the professional activity of your company, evaluating your requirements and using the most current development tools.