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    Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office

    Communications server fully upgradeable according to the evolution of your business. When your company grows, your switchboard will also be ready for it. Focused on small and medium enterprises.

    Alcatel-Lucent presents more than 500 services available to make your telephone communications a richer and simpler experience.



    Among some of the most outstanding features of the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office system, we can point out:

    • Unions between sites using IP Voice, reducing the total costs considerably and totally eliminating costs between venues.
    • Control of your phone from your personal computer.
    • Integration with your email.
    • Automatic attendant that manages your incoming calls. Up to 5 individual treatments.
    • Call Center for the management of campaign systems and telephone assistance services. It has agent and supervisor profiles according to the role of your employee. Discriminate calls by your language and country of origin of the call and distribute according to queues.
    • DECT wireless telephony support.
    • IP telephony support and coexistence of voice and data traffic over the same structured cabling network.
    • Pricing through external application, know the use of your PBX with the elaboration of personalized reports.

    Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise

    The Alcatel-Lucent communication server OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (CS) is the most evolutionary solution of this manufacturer. It is focused for any type of company up to a limit of 100,000 users.

    Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server brings together all OmniPCX Office services and offers many more additional options. Able to manage multimedia calls from Alcatel-Lucent clients and phones as well as other brands, including the latest Linux, XML, SIP and VXML technologies, as well as open standards, such as QSIG, H.323, CSTA and SIP.

    Distributed high availability capacity obtaining a reliable solution with high carrier-grade performance and a 99.999% uptime.

    Below we review some of the services that Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise offers.

    Integrated and effective VoiceMail

    Voice messaging systems according to your needs, expandable and available to any user regardless of the type of terminal.

    Integration with email and mobile telephony.

    Check from any terminal of the company and / or from the outside, for example, when you are at home.

    Call Center

    Professional solution oriented to the optimal distribution of calls, detailed management and high integration.

    Ideal for the supervision of campaigns, service centers, multimedia contact centers, etc.

    Allows the distribution of email and distribution of contacts.

    Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 4760:

    Consists of a powerful software that allows you to manage all the communication systems of your private telephone network.

    From the most common management, for example, changing the name of a terminal, to even set call scope permissions or many other examples on how to manage your system.

    OmniVista 4760 allows access to corporate directory and synchronization between corporate directories.

    It also incorporates a module that shows the topology of the telephone system, how it is composed and the possible incidents that stand out.

    In addition to all the management possibilities, you can make use of your pricing module, where you can generate predefined and / or personalized reports with those data that are of your interest, for example, summary of calls, calls over a certain time, calls to certain destinations, etc.

    Hotel / Hospital

    Software package that provides your telephone system with options for these two professional areas. These include: the control of arrivals / departures of a client and / or customer groups, wake-up service, messaging, checking and monitoring the status of the room, billing of calls, monitoring of customer's telephone credit, etc.


    Wireless telephony DECT

    Wireless telephony offers you the possibility of always being available even when you need mobility within your company. Ideal for warehouse environments, hotels, transportation, etc.

    A single antenna can support several terminals so it is also interesting in environments where wiring is expensive. .


    IP / TDM Phones

    As part of Alcatel-Lucent's professional line, state-of-the-art IP telephones add connectivity and integrated IP telephony to a complete range of functions, offering the full power of voice and data convergence IP.

    In addition to being compatible with any web-based business application, IPTouch offers optimized design, high resolution, adjustable screens in color or gray, excellent sound quality and pleasant ringing, along with the freedom and connectivity provided by Bluetooth® wireless technology.


    Value-added servers

    Alcatel-Lucent presents a series of value-added services focused on its range of application servers, including the MyTeamWork conference server, the OTUC application server and the Fax server.

    Alcatel-Lucent BiCS   

    BiCS (Business integrated Communication Solution) by Alcatel-Lucent is specially designed to help companies with a maximum of 1,000 employees to benefit from more dynamic communication.

    With Alcatel-Lucent BiCS, you will have all the necessary software and licenses to have a complete communication system enabled for applications in a single standard server in the sector. This innovative single server design is essential for those companies that aim to reduce the cost and effort devoted to supplying, testing and managing servers and do not want to install additional servers whenever they need to implement a new communication application.

    With Alcatel-Lucent BiCS, it will not be necessary to install a new server each time you want to offer more advanced communication functions. Remote activation of new user licenses further simplifies IT operations as your organization grows Alcatel-Lucent BiCS combines all the functions of Alcatel-Lucent's six value-added products into a single server offering a unique opportunity to transform your communications in a profitable way

Cisco systems

Cisco Smart Business Communications System
Cisco communications solution aimed at small and medium enterprises. With Cisco Smart Business you will satisfy all your communication needs, including data, voice and WiFi access.

It supports up to 138 users and has a wide range of IP terminals.

It is fully compatible with the switched telephone network (PSTN), so you can add both analog (RTB) and digital (ISDN) lines.

It has IOS software, so it acts as a router with security services.

Cisco UC500 Series

Cisco Smart Business is presented as an integral offer of data and voice management, with the possibility of wireless access. Capacity for unions between headquarters.

Some of its functions include:

• Automatic attendant, voicemail and basic call distribution capabilities.
• Paging, conference, and video calls.
• Integrated productivity applications.
• Ability to see the occupation of their peers.
• Integration with third-party software.
• Management and configuration software.

Gama Cisco

Cisco Unified Communications Manager
With Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you will have an IP communications system that can support up to 80,000 users. It is a system focused on medium and large companies. It supports traditional telephony as well as provides advanced capabilities such as video calling, mobility, presence, preference and high-performance conference services.

Cisco Call Manager

Cisco Unfied Communications Manager allows you to:

• Minimize costs, provisioning and maintenance.
• Generate video calls from any terminal in the system.
• Increase productivity by improving the efficiency of its employees.
• Increase the mobility of your employees no matter where you are.
• Control your calls from your personal computer.
• Management and configuration software.




Plantronics presents itself as the leading company in the audio transmission sector. Since 1961 has the best patents in the market in relation to wired and wireless helmets for different areas.

The experience provided by Plantronics ensures high quality and reliability of sound to provide the most optimal level in your conversations.

Its wide range of products ranges from monaural helmets to high definition helmets with high performance to enjoy your multimedia content.



AudioCodes performs the design and development of IP Voice Gateways that provide distributed voice services, so that we can have traditional extensions such as analog phones or faxes, in remote locations where we do not have direct connectivity to our voice system.

AudioCodes products can be easily integrated into your switchboard thanks to the support of various communication protocols, offering advanced features such as video conferencing and call management functions with the best audio quality.



CHar is a powerful external pricing software for your communication system that offers high configuration and management of your switchboard.

Control all your extensions and external lines, through a simple and complete interface where you can create your customized reports.

Char can interoperate with the first manufacturers of communications systems but also provides customized solutions depending on the needs of the client.


siemens gigaset

Siemens Gigaset terminals are presented as an ideal solution to give final support to the users of your communications system.

Attractive terminals, wired and wireless, with numerous call management and terminal customization features.

Total compatibility with analog terminals and DECT terminals, facilitating their integration with any communications system regardless of the manufacturer.

Descripción: Siemens Gigaset


video and audio collaboration

Polycom is the global leader in unified communications solutions (UC) based on standards to offer telepresence, video and voice services. Our goal is to make the use of video as a method of collaboration with ease, reliability and security available to everyone. More than 400,000 organizations rely on Polycom solutions to collaborate and meet face-to-face from anywhere and communicate effectively and productively with existing and potential partners, specialists, partners and customers. When collaboration is essential, companies rely on the Polycom video platform.


security and control

The WAF solution is an important solution developer that combines "physical" security, intelligent video surveillance, and a large business structure to integrate vertical and horizontal solutions. Currently, WAF solutions help institutions, governments and companies of any size protect their people and facilities, prevent losses and damages, and improve the efficiency of their businesses at the same time.




structured wiring

At Nuvolink we carry out its structured cabling, as well as the deployment of the necessary computer cabinets and the fitting out of computer rooms.

Certification of structured cabling of category 5, 6 and 7, as well as fiber optics.

Cableados estructurados


Pantel is an intercom that allows you to manage access control from your telephone terminal, acting as an integrated intercom with your communications system.

There are several models, from the simplest one that works as an analogue extension of the system as well as the model with IP support and PoE power. You can choose between audio-only or audio and video models, indoor and outdoor.


digital carteling


CAYIN Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004 with its headquarters in Taiwan, where it is world famous for the innovative high-tech sector. CAYIN has acquired abundant experience in multimedia, networks and systems embedded in both Windows® and Linux, and we provide integral solutions for dynamic digital signage systems and interactive entertainment.

CAYIN Technology offers dynamic digital signage solutions, including media players, servers and administration software, designed for the digital multimedia network outside the home. Digital signage, also known as narrowcasting, electronic bulletin board or digital display network, is a multimedia or even interactive platform that efficiently transmits information to target customers in a wide variety of commercial locations, such as companies, centers educational, museums, shops, hotels, banks, administrative buildings and transports.